Rotary Engines

We offer a complete in house rotary engine building program.Our services includes custom porting, installation, machining, and turn-key 13B and 20B 3-rotor engines. From factory stock to 1000+ hp 7-second 13B rotary power, all the way to 1400+ hp 3-Rotor power.

20B 3 Rotor Mazda Rotary Engines

Rotary Engine Adapter to Chevy Powerglide Transmission
These complete kits adapt a Chevy Powerglide, Turbo 350 400 transmission to any Turbo Mazda Engine from 87-95 13B TT and 13B and 20B Cosmo. They have been used in 1400+ horsepower drag cars.

They are very high quality, perfect fit 3/4 inch thick billet aluminum comes with the adapter with built in motor plate for mounting, flexplate, custom racing starter and all hardware.


Part Number ADP-19544



93-95 Heavy Duty Urethane Motor Mounts
We have these custom made heavy duty motor mounts urethane that will not break like the very expensive stock ones. For high performance applications.

$359 each

Part Number DR-11545

93-95 RX-7 13B rotor housings
Brand new Mazda factory aluminum rotor housings.

2 needed ( 1 front and 1 rear )

$599 each

Part Number 13B-11112

93-95 RX-7 13B Iron side housings
Brand new Mazda factory aluminum rotor housings.

3 needed ( 1 front, 1 center and 1 rear )

$469 each

Part Number 13B-11123

93-95 RX-7 13B oil metering pump
Brand new Mazda factory oil metering pump.

$1099 each

Part Number 13B-11114

93-95 RX-7 Racing Motor Mounts
We build these 6061 billet aluminum custom made heavy duty motor mounts that will not break like the stock ones. For high performance and racing type applications.

$159 each

Part Number DR-11546

3 Rotor Race Motor

Brand new late model 20B bridge ported turbo engine.

Dyno tested at 1180HP alcohol.

For high performance applications only. (Not for street driven cars )


( Only 1 )

Part Number 20B-Race

13B TT engines $4800. Our fully built ported, balanced and blue printed ( Requires your core )

Full Race 13B Engine 850HP Complete Turn Key package. Includes: Completely race built 13B REW motor ( 3mm apex seals , blue printed, balanced, all new parts ) SR power pulley set , Xtreme ACT set and SR aluminum flywheel, stage 6 turbo kit, fuel system including : injectors (2) Weldon Racing fuel pumps and (2) Weldon Racing regulators.


( does not include engine core or TEC3 ECU )

20B 3-Rotor Low Mile Engine Complete. Latest Model engine available. Great condition.
$6450 + shipping

Please call for more information.

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